Some days are for Gore-Tex.
Others say DuPont K2 gear.
She pulls her own Lycra hood
down over twin ears. Extreme

sports demand extreme behavior
patterns, she says. Thermastat
protection is good for blizzard
conditions. Those bicycle pants

speak to me of summers misspent,
delivering envelopes to law firms.
Hands in socks, with special
hollow fibres designed to keep

extra moisture away from the skin,
I touch her. Evenings we're Austria's
winter wonderland. The Freedom
Party skis past the Dubrovnik Festival

poster, with its red and gold flags -
young boys and girls holding up
flares, celebrating heroic mistakes.
Indoors, spectacular adventures

make for panoramic living upstairs.
Fetishistic, I begin to kiss high-tech
clothing, taking me "right to the end
of the world and back" - thankful

for exclusive stay-dry technology,
and her devotion to 80% polyester.
Wild politics calls for polymorphous
playthings, and very intricate acts.

At night I dress as Haider and hail
a nation, all of me made in Spain,
while she flirts with balled wool,
no more kinky than the whole EU.

Todd Swift

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Free Williamsburg | 93 Berry Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211
[email protected] | August 2000 | Volume 6