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Dear Free Williamsburg,

God help you, all of you, do you realize that no-Bush = Kerry. Look at Kerry - arrogant, self-centered, out of touch with the ordinary person (oh, maybe not these rich rock band members), and an even bigger hypocrite and panderer than Bill Clinton. Never had an idea in twenty years of being a Senator, a coward in Vietnam (Not Fit to Serve).

It can't be you hate Bush for saving your asses so maybe it's because he's a good Christian man who makes it harder for you to look at yourself in the mirror? Or are you just afraid the draft will be instituted again. Maybe, but not by Bush. Kerry has indicated the possibility. If he gets in, I'm all for seeing you Bush Bashers all running for the exits - cowards that you are. I know you are cowards because you are so ungracious in your criticism of George W. Bush - a really nice, gnetle man and not a bit stupid, no matter how much you wish it to be so. The only positive in your viciousness is that it really makes me and other fair minded people angry enough to register and vote for George W. Bush.

--Name Withheld

Our Response:

Why do you think Bush is "in touch" with the people? He's a pampered millionaire. Perhaps you mean he's in touch with the Saudi Arabian royalty, his business partners. They also happen to be Al Quada's business partners. Do some research, this is a fact. (Fifteen of the September 11th hijackers were Saudis and were given much of their money from Saudi businesses.)

Why was Kerry a coward in Vietnam? He served admirably, despite the fact that as a wealthy Bostonian, he didn't even need to go. Bush never served, in fact the records indicate that he was an AWOL deserter.

How has Bush "saved my ass?" He ignored information from the CIA that warned him of an Al Quaeda plot to hijack airplanes. He sat in a classroom while the second plane hit the World Trade Center and did nothing. He pulled most troops out of Afghanistan before even finding Osama. He started a war under the guise of WMD, when there were none to be found. He infuriated the rest of the world by defying the UN, calling Germany, Russia and France irrelevant, and deeming Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the "axis of evil." (Even if this were true, xenophobic rhetoric like this is not an indicator of someone who is interested in diplomacy). After Bush deemed North Korea "evil," they began teaching their children in school that the US was planning for a preemptive strike against their country. Does that make you feel safe given the fact that North Korea is very close to becoming nuclear?

Additionally, nothing has been done about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. If Rumsfeld respected the nobility of this country, he would have stepped down. Not doing so endangered the lives of the troops. The insurgency was empowered by his lack of humility.

Iraq is currently a breeding ground for terrorists. Do you feel safer? Are you happy that our troops are in Iraq, largely without the help of international soldiers? Daily, Halliburton workers are making a hell of a lot more money than our troops, often working side-by-side and performing the same tasks minus the combat. Is this good for troop morale? Bush has even cut veteran benefits, so the troops can expect little compensation for their bravery if they return at all. Plus, he's banned media coverage of the flag-draped coffins of our fallen. Why can't we honor the one's who have died? This would not be good PR for Bush's reelection, I suppose.

Our economy is horrible. The deficit is larger than it ever has been. Democrats and Republicans are furious at one another. Bush even wants to write hate into the Constitution by banning gay marriage. People in this country have been illegally imprisoned and held indefinitely without having any charges against them because of the so-called Patriot Act. Should I go on?

I'm assuming you consider yourself to be a Christian and therefore vote on 5 issues - low taxes, abortion, guns, anti-gay rights, and capital punishment. I can't change your mind, but I urge you to not blindly support Bush without doing some research into his oil connections in the Middle East. Halliburton (Cheney's former company) has made billions on the Iraqi war and have been charged with fraud three times in the past year. You will pick up the bill, which is in the millions. The value of the American dollar is lower than it has been since the Seventies. The "tax cut" went primarily to the top 1% - AKA Bush's wealthy friends. And even though we received a tax refund, we are now paying more for health insurance and education while receiving less social security benefits for our elderly. The "cuts" are a myth. Were you not more financially confident under Clinton?

Finally, why am I a coward? Do you know me or any of the writers at our publication? Is opposing a divisive leader who pisses on the Constitution and enrages our allies overseas cowardly?

I'm lukewarm on Kerry. He's a politician. But I'm furious with George Bush. He is a weak, power-hungry leader who uses religion and deception to divide people.

And about that Unfit for Command book.... Kerry was an antiwar protester -- something that a lot of people, including the people who wrote that book - still strangely resent. Factor in money as well and you'll see the motive for their spin. Even John McCain says that book is bullshit. And for the record, I don't think Bush is stupid. I think he is narrow-minded, homophobic, xenophobic, and greedy.

And by the way, Bush did reinstate the draft already. He is currently recalling reservists who have completed their time. They are serving involuntarily.

Oh yeah, and as our banner states, he fucks pigs.

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